Frenchies  are not for everyone

Admiring a french bulldog and owning one are not the same thing.  While they are cute, and amusing, they do have health issues and require special care.  Please educate yourself before you make such a major decision and consult reputable breeders and not pet stores or adds promising cheaper dogs.  Pay for quality and lifelong support from breeders and not a quick sale.  
Moondiva Kennels

We have shown and owned bullmastiffs and other breeds for many years.  We are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and members of the French Bulldog Club of Western Canada and French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada.
We enjoy showing our dogs locally and they do too!  We are true dog fanciers.
Frenchies love their bed and toys

Cheetah at 9 weeks in his new bed.  Hours of free entertainment when you own a french bulldog!
               Olga   Gonorovsky   Art