French Bulldog  Facts

Frenchies are companion dogs and are great apartment dwellers.  They do require a few short walks each day and will be happy playing with you and some toys in the house and on the couch! They should not be exercised during the hot/sunny times of day as they overheat quickly. Just another excuse to spoil them rotten!  They can be stubborn, but respond well to love and positive training.
In Loving Memory

Ch. Bullstock's Tarzan the Monkeyman and our movie star dog Blaze are now in Spirit.  Tarzan was a big baby who was happiest on a trail walk with his frenchies.  Our frenchies barked to let us know someone came, . . . then Tarzan arrived to finish the job. Go find Blaze, Tarzan.
Dog Shows
You can find us at the lower mainland dogs shows this fall and spring with Cheetah and Zsa Zsa.
In Loving Memory

Sugarshack's Blaze of Glory was a movie star dog and grew up with my girls.  He was not only beautiful, but brilliant too; always wanting to please us, he was also an incredible herding dog!​​